Welcome to Rock the Jewels!Some of my items are unique, some fun, even some rare, but all are wonderful and I hope will bring you a Smile!                         Looking for Flatware and Cutlery? I've got another shop on Etys and a web site with just that, called 'Fab Flatware Finds'                      

I've loved collecting all my life, and growing up in the 'good ole years' has given me a love of Vintage. I love things that bring back special memories, whether it's the 'Chocolate Chip Cookie dough' Pyrex bowl my Mom always used, or maybe a tool my Dad used.
Those days were long before Cell Phones, Internet, Computers, and FAST Everything.
We used to talk with the neighbor across the fence, play tag until it was too dark, run through the mud puddles and just have fun.
When I see many of my pieces, I remember those wonderful days gone by, and the memory still makes me smile!
Wishing you many 'Smile' moments! Enjoy!

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